…provides innovative services, concepts and solutions for a wide array of engineering issues, including research and development, feasibility studies and consulting work in membrane technology and bioengineering.

Concepts and Solutions

We specialize in developing individual solutions and concepts in membrane technology. We are looking forward to your challenges!

Our Services

  • Application based membrane screening
  • Membrane fouling characterization (prevention development)
  • Membrane processes from micro filtration to reverse osmosis
  • Biocatalytic membrane reactor systems
  • Emulsification system membranes
  • Evaluations and feasibility studies
  • Process planning, simulations, and systems design
  • Process optimization
  • Pilot installation experiments
  • Custom membrane installation construction
  • Testing facility rentals
  • Test evaluation and reporting

Research- & development commisions in





Food industry


Only reliable analytical methods and instruments can provide the necessary prerequisites for scientific and technological advancement.

  • Photometric methods for quantitative analysis of:residual oil (off-line, on-line), TOC, CSB, BSB5
  • Electrochemical determination of:pH, oxygen concentration, clouding, conductivity …
  • Determination of viscosity, osmolarity, and density
  • Chromatographic methods:HPLC, HPTLC, GC, DC …
  • Particle size analysis by dynamic light scattering
  • Concentration measurements of:glucose, lactate …
  • Computer-Assisted Microscopy:confocal laser scanning microscopy, scanning electron microscope, impedance spectroscopy
  • …and many more


We offer a wide variety of workshops, courses and trainings. Tailored to your individual needs.

Our courses:

Membrane technology


Cell culture technology

Courses are directed at operational staff and interested parties. They impart an extensive overview of the current state of respective technologies.


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